Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I was looking through some old photies and generally just thinking back, when I came across this photo of my hubbie and I at a fun fair.

No make up, no filters, just plain old fun.

Of course I believe in the importance of making the time to have a professional photo shoot done, whether it's a family shoot, or for your CV, or whatever.

BUT - being willing to selfie on the tea cups while your head (and tummy) is spinning is a great thing too.

And that's why you have lately seen me write about "Be Shamelessly You" - I believe to truly be happy, you have to be you, and love the authentic you - and that's why we should be in photos in every stage of our lives. (Yes, even a few kgs over weight...)

So for the sake of hashtag length, "Be Shamelessly You" now is #BshamelesslyU

And I am trying to live it!