Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shamelessly Feminine

I am a student.

Not at a college or university (that bit of my life has been over for many many years). 

I am a student, because I like to always be learning, evolving and just being better. 

This could mean taking a photo a day challenges or going to workshops. Sometimes it's books and right now it's an online course. 

I am learning to be shamelessly feminine and to teach others to embrace their "womaniness" (that's a word right?) by following a course by Jen Rozenbaum in boudoir photography. 

I love taking photographs of women and reminding them (you perhaps?) that they ARE beautiful no matter their shape, size or age. 

(I can hear you snorting in front of your screen, thinking "maybe if I lose 10kg" or "maybe if I grow my hair". Well, you are wrong. You are beautiful RIGHT NOW. don't believe me? Check out how seriously hot I am in a glamour shoot I did for myself while 30kg away from my goal weight. H.O.T. I tell you - and so are you.)

Jen is a New York boudoir photographer and although I have only "met" her through the videos of the course she teaches, her spirit and joy and honesty are infectious. 

Her slogan - Shamelessly Feminine -  resonates on a deep level with me, and her believe that every woman deserves knowing how unique and beautiful they are is exactly what I believe. 

So if you don't want to listen to me when I say "you (yes you) are amazing, unique and beautiful and you deserve to know it it" go and check out her website - maybe she can convince you. 

But I'll try one more time. 

There is no one else like you. Embrace your unique beauty - even if it means sweatpants.