Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You are allowed to get what you want

Why do we keep on making excuses to justify not doing or getting something we really want?

It might be something relatively small, like getting a massage, but time and time again putting it off.

It might be something really big, like starting an own business, but we keep on hiding behind "not having enough experience" or the product not being quite perfect.

It can be something personal, like having a photo shoot done, but never making the time (call me!).

It can be something that will make you happy, like going dancing, but first you wanna take lessons to get better at it (and of course you never get round to doing that either...)

Why do we do this?

Why can we find time to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but not work on something we really want?

Marie Forleo - creator of B-school - has a saying: Everything is figureoutable.

If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.

You want a monthly massage? Then decide to do it; make that appointment.
Oh I can hear you say - but I don't have the money, I don't have the time, I don't I  don't...

It is figureoutable: Don't have the money? Have a few less coffees and don't eat meat for a few days a month to find the extra cash. No time? What about a massage therapist that comes to your office and gives you a head and shoulder massage right at your desk during lunch...

I you want a glamour/boudoir photo shoot done for yourself, then book it.
But Suki, I can't take off work, I need to lose weight...

It is figureoutable: Can't take off work? Yes you can - it is not selfish, leave days are there to do what you want and need. Want to lose weight? Then watch what you eat and start with the exercise, but you do not need to be your "ideal weight" to come for a photo shoot. Actually, I believe being reminded that you are beautiful right now can be just the motivation you need to commit to a change in lifestyle. And you can always come back for another photo session when you have trimmed down, but you can't get the time back that you wasted putting things off.

Stop standing in your own way - if there is something you really want, be it dance lessons or starting your own business, you can figure it out and you can make it happen.

Will it be easy? Probably not.
Can it be done? It is very, very likely.

Make the choice, get the info you need and then make it happen.

I believe in you.

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