Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Print it!

When I moved from doing product photography to mostly portrait photography, I did what many photographers in the digital age tend to do: I simply offered the digital images on disk.
It was a combination of misunderstanding what my clients need and forgetting why we actually have photos taken: too look at them!

Now, although I do not think there is anything wrong with digital images (I take most of the photos of my kids with my cellphone, you most likely too), over the years I have realised more and more how important it is to have something "real" to hold. When I put a photo display of my kids in our passage, it made me smile, and almost every time I walk past I smile again.

So although I still sell certain packages with only digital images, I highly recommend a wall print or a photo book for family or glamour sessions and damn near insist on a photo book when it comes to boudoir.

But don't just take my word for it. Wedding photographer Jamie Swanson was kind enough to share what she tells all her clients...

Thanks Jamie!

Why Digital Images are Not Enough

One of the first questions people ask when looking for a wedding photographer is if they offer all the digital images from their wedding. In fact, many couples plan to only purchase the digital images and aren’t interested in anything else.

By only purchasing the digital images, you’re putting yourself at a huge risk of losing your photos in just a few short years.

Many well-intentioned couples who only get the digital images never print their images at all, or only print a few for gifts or for display. Even we’re guilty of having a hard-drive full of photos of my kids and family that we simply haven’t taken the time to order prints of yet.

However, there’s a huge risk of losing the images and memories from them over time when you only have the digital files.

With only the digital files, you are responsible for transferring the images from one type of digital media to another as technology advances every few years. Every time a file is transferred, there’s a risk of file corruption. Not only that, but if life gets crazy and you fail to transfer it to the new media, you may end up with a beautiful disc/flash drive/etc of photos that you can’t see anymore because there’s no machine around to use the disc/flash drive/etc with.

 This is why we believe that a professional wedding album is of the utmost importance. Even if you never do anything except store it in a closet, you’ll still have images to look at and enjoy years from now with no additional work whatsoever.

In fact, we believe in this so strongly that we include an album in every single package we offer. We want the memories of your wedding day to be seen and enjoyed by your family for years to come.
Don’t risk losing your memories. Make a beautiful album one of your priorities. We promise you will not regret it. 

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