Monday, October 9, 2017

FREE! 8 Week (Anything You Want To Do) Challenge Chart

So we are getting towards the end of the year and I've seen many people starting an 8 week challenge.

A quick calculation told me that if I wanna get the 8 weeks done before the kids are done with school for 2017, I better get my butt in gear.

I decided to focus on "mindful eating" and "get moving" for my 8 weeks.

Mindful eating to me means that nothing is off limits, but I have to be very sure I REALLY want it and what goes with it (like extra weight), before it goes into my mouth. I'm hoping this practice will prevent me from just stuffing my face without thinking about it, and hopefully prepare myself to not just grab more and more (and more) during the festive season.

The second part of get moving is to prepare me for my next challenge, which is to start running. I want to get a coach and get to 5kms without walking, and ultimately knock off 10kms. That's the plan, but I realised that I have to at the very least get up from my desk and walk before I can run... so hence this get moving challenge.

Back to the freebie.

I looked for a chart I could mark off completed days, and maybe write myself a short note as motivation or a reminder, but only found very "formal" looking ones with much too much effort expected from me (like daily calories or steps walked). I wanted simple and fun - so I made one.

Okay, so the drawing I did is not exactly simple looking, but the idea is straight forward.

At bare minimum just make a tick when you've met the your challenge for the day. If you don't make it - write - DO BETTER TOMORROW - and keep going. You can write the date of the start of each week on the line at the week number if you like.

If you want, you could write little motivations or reminders, or even colour in the chart. (I only started my challenge today and only finish the drawing like an hour ago, so the pics are literally just the corners of the chart with "fake ticks" and some colouring in to give you an idea...)

Like the name of the post said - this is an "Anything You Want" 8 Week Challenge Chart - so use it to your liking.

Some ideas:
No second helpings
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Practice 30 minutes of piano/guitar/nose flute a day
Read a poem a day
Write a poem a day
Eat 3 fruit
Do 30 minutes of excersise
No cookies
Walk the dog
Just take a moment to breathe...

Do something your mind or body needs, and get to the festive season as a little bit of a better version of yourself.


I would love to hear what you decide to do as your challenge - comment below (or on Facebook/Twitter if that's where you found it).

Love, art and happiness