Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In the direction of my dreams

So I was sitting in the Spur the other day with my hubbie, while the kids were playing in the play area, with them only popping back for the occasional chip. It was my son’s choice to go to the Spur, hubbie and I were actually on our way to Vida, but puppy dog eyes from our six year old made us adapt our plan.

Lately I don’t drink sugar in my lattes (although I can’t say the same for hazelnut syrup…), but Spur coffee is a bit stronger than my preference, so I dragged a sugar packet closer. I read the “inspirational quote” on the back, decided that I didn’t quite agree, so I started to read through all the packets, in order to put the “right one” in my drink. And I found it:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” – Thoreau

That is my plan; that is what I hope to achieve. Sometimes responsibility and “just plain life” cloud our vision, and the dream start to fade. Now, I am not planning on packing my bags and go live on an island under a palm tree (maybe for a week, but I’ll miss my lattes too much). What I am planning is to get back to my dreams for my life (where I am mostly happy, I am grateful to say), but also my business.

So this year will be a time of transition, where I build towards being able to provide you with not just a photograph, but an experience, with guidance beyond the photo, and how to be able to use your images to put a smile on your face, preferably every day. And along the way I want to develop a few of my other passions…

Wish me luck!

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